Highlight Reel #369 – Monster Hunter Player Launches Friend At Beast

Highlight Reel #369 – Monster Hunter Player Launches Friend At Beast

投稿日は2018/02/05で、すでに105811回以上の再生回数となっている「Monster Hunter World」「Hammer」ついての動画!

Highlight Reel #369 – Monster Hunter Player Launches Friend At Beast(6:02)

Video of 「Monster Hunter World」「Hammer」英語 of “Monster Hunter World” by Japanese players

In this article, I will introduce the video of 「Monster Hunter World」「Hammer」英語 of “Monster Hunter World (mhw)”. This video was posted on 2018/02/05. It has already been played more than 105811 times.




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1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nassi

In Breath of the Wild, Another nice shot from Nassi

2. UFC 3 – Kick ‘Em While They’re Down – Stoiker Kalei

In UFC 3, they should probably stop the match…?

3. COD: Black Ops 3 – naveypoo

In Call of Duty, just brutal.

4. NHL 15 – iq0

In NHL 15, this absolutely embarrassing goal celebration.

5. Skyrim – nyaromeron

In Skyrim, see no evil.

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ – sam1tron

In DragonBall, don’t leave gohan hanging.

7. Fortnite BR – 292m moving target sniper kill – Epic Moments – Benjo Rippin

I know this isnt a world record but its a 292m Sniper Kill 🙂 from FortNiteBR

In Fortnite, just a fantastic shot.

8. Fortnite BR – This is how you win against new Minigun – Whatagame

Also in Fortnite, this player goes head to head with the relentless minigun and wins.

9. Monster Hunter: World – that actually worked XD – Sultan Alsubai

In Monster Hunter, this epic killing blow from off the cliff

10. Monster Hunter: World – 嘘・・・だろ?- naturalxcreeps

Dragged through the world.

11. Monster Hunter: World – SolCalibre

Solid tail sever from SolCalibre

12. Monster Hunter: World – Get over there! – Yannic Lime

Here, Yannic gives their friend a lift.

13. Monster Hunter: World – Why I main hammer – James Lockwood

Lastly in Monster Hunter, here’s a compelling case for using the hammer

14. PUBG – *something suggestive* – (direct file) cubitfox

I make game cinematics.
Lastly today in PUBG, this weirdly suggestive glitch


  • You act like that Skyrim clip was any special
  • Loving all this Monster Hunter coverage.
  • The Skyrim basket trick made it in? I thought the internet got tired of that the first month it came out.